Special Attractions








Birds of Prey


Take a glimpse into the magical world of birds of prey with the Devon Birds of Prey Centre.  Have a close encounter with a selection of birds including Hawks, Owls and Falcons.  Staff will be on hand to answer any questions and introduce you to some of their collection.  Their interactive static display will be informative, educational and intriguing, looking at pellets and feathers, and understanding what makes birds of prey so special

Battlefield Live Kernow

Laser Tag is an exciting adventure activity which promotes team spirit, communication, competition and leadership skills.  Above all, it is about having fun in a safe environment.  By using safe inra-red technology, there is no need for clumsy face shields or painful paint hits.  The laser guns register hits froom the bad guys so you need to make sure that you get the shots in first!

Vintage Motorcycles & Tractors

Local owners of vintage motorbikes and tractors are pleased to bring them to display to the public, and to parade them in the main arena for all to see (and hear!) which brings a smile of nostalgia and recollection to many.

Radio Control Display

The Committee are always keen to arrange different activities for the afternoon, and recently we have enjoyed displays of model R/C aircraft and cars, locally found artefacts and treasures located using metal detectors, miniature steam train rides, Dog Agility displays, Belly Dancing, Taikwon-do exhibition, magician entertainment.
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